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Wire Fraud


Criminals are trying to steal your money by pretending to be us – or pretending to be your Real Estate Agent. Criminals may send you an e-mail that looks like it is from us or from the agent – Criminals may even call you pretending to be us or your agent. Before sending us any funds – CALL US!!!  Call us at a number you know is accurate (If you don’t have a valid number already you can find our office contact information here). DO NOT USE THE PHONE NUMBER IN AN E-MAIL. We are not responsible for any wires you send to an incorrect bank account. If you have any questions, please contact us about this or other ways to protect yourself.

Wire Fraud

Thieves are trying to get homebuyers to wire them money. This video tells you how it happens, and how to protect yourself.

Even when getting a loan, homebuyers often have to wire a deposit or other funds to complete the purchase. In the typical scam, you will get an email you think is from your real estate agent or someone else working on your purchase. It will say there is a problem with their bank account, or might resend the original wire instructions as a courtesy. In both cases, the email and wire instructions are phony. The email will look completely valid. Often the only hint it is phony is that the sender's email address is off by a single letter. So instead of Joe-Agent@realtor.com, it will be Joe-Agent@realtors.com.

Before sending any money, call the person you know should be receiving your funds, your agent, or the company closing the transaction, for example, at the number you know is valid. Never rely on the phone number in the email sending you the wire instructions. Use the number you got at the start of the transaction.

For other ways you can protect yourself, please visit our website. By taking these simple steps, you can help protect yourself and your money. After all, you wouldn't give a stranger on the street your life savings. So why give it to a stranger on the internet?